Biotin for Hair Growth- Why It Is a Good Idea

BiotinWhen it comes to choosing a supplement to encourage hair growth, many of the most popular have one thing in common regardless of what age group or gender they are being marketed to.  When you check the labels, you’ll see that one ingredient stands out – Biotin.  If biotin is not on the list of ingredients, it might still be there under another name.  Like other B vitamins, it goes by more than one name.  Biotin is also known as vitamin B 7 and vitamin H.  So why is it in so many quality hair growth vitamins and hair supplements?  What does biotin do for your hair that’s so great?

Biotin lack causes hair loss because biotin plays a critical role in promoting hair growth.  Without getting too technical, biotin is necessary to metabolize carbohydrates and fats.  Part of its job is to act as a coenzyme, which is essential to the function of various enzymes involved in a variety of body functions such as hair production.  So without biotin, the body cannot utilize the nutrients it needs to support healthy hair growth.  While very few people are clinically deficient, it has become clear that taking supplemental biotin boosts the growth of strong, healthy hair.  People take it because they are happy with the results.  What can people who take biotin for hair growth expect?

Biotin for Hair Growth

  • Human hair is 97% keratin, which is a protein.  Biotin is an essential component of the metabolism process.  It takes the nutrition you consume and helps convert it to fuel to grow your hair.
  • Biotin promotes hair growth, so your hair might grow slightly faster.
  • Keratin is a tough substance, and healthy hair is more resistant to breakage and damage.  If you are getting plenty of biotin, your hair will withstand styling without suffering.  That’s not a green light to go wild with harsh styling methods, but you should notice less breakage and shinier, fuller hair.
  • Biotin is a B vitamin and like the other B vitamins, these are the building blocks for protein, plus it supports your nervous system.  Given that stress takes a toll on our hair, taking a vitamin that counteracts that is going to help minimize any stress related hair loss.

Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin, so it is not stored in the body and you have to replace it daily.  Actual biotin deficiency is rare, but for some reason individuals who take it notice that if you want to safely promote healthy hair growth adding a reasonable dose of biotin frequently helps.  Talk to your doctor about adding any new supplements to your routine, to make sure no other medical matters are impacting your hair growth.

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