Hair Growth Supplements

How They Can Strengthen Weaker Hair

Not everyone shopping for hair growth supplements is trying to get their hair to grow more.  Yes, long hair is very popular and also a classic and enduring look, but no, not everyone wants longer hair.  Even those who prefer to keep their hair shorter want stronger hair.  Not only is stronger hair fuller with more body, it is less susceptible to breakage.  For many, hair breakage is a much bigger problem than hair loss.  Not only that, but the hair styling techniques that damage and break hair can also create so much damage to the hair follicles that it eventually leads to hair loss, which can be very difficult to reverse.  But you don’t have to give up styling your hair.  It will pay off in the long run if you can be kind and gentle to your hair when you style it, but what can you do to make it stronger so it can withstand regular styling and still remain lush and strong?

Hair growth supplements can indeed do more than make your hair longer.  The right hair supplement can help your hair grow to be fuller and stronger as well.

The Building Blocks of Stronger Hair

Human hair is 97 percent protein and three percent omega 3 fatty acids, so a high quality hair supplement needs to not only include a form of protein and omega 3 fatty acids, but also include other nutrients that are necessary for your body to use the protein and omega 3 fatty acids.  There are some vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair growth and hair strength by supporting the body’s processing of these essential components.  Two B vitamins play a particularly important role for your hair; they are biotin and pantothenic acid.  You’ll see these two mentioned in most hair growth supplements as well as other products such as shampoos, conditioners and other treatments used on the hair itself.  Zinc is also critical in supporting more and stronger hair.  Don’t be surprised if you see vitamin D and vitamin C in the ingredients too.  Vitamin C promotes good circulation to carry the nutrients to your scalp.  Vitamin D plays a role in healthy hair too, but scientists are still examining exactly how it is involved.

Increasing your intake of these types of ingredients can indirectly provide your hair with a little added protection from the wear and tear that grooming and styling techniques such as heat and chemicals are known to cause. Taking a good hair supplement for stronger hair does not mean you can get away with treating your hair poorly or eating an unhealthy diet and still have great hair.  But when you minimize heat treatments and chemicals, avoid pulling hair tightly into styles, eat well, get enough sleep and generally take care of yourself, a quality hair supplement can give your hair the extra support it needs to go from good to gorgeous.  And there is one other bonus to taking a good hair supplement – most of the nutrients used to promote stronger hair also support healthier skin and nails too.  So while you might start taking hair growth supplements for stronger hair, you are likely to wind up with better skin and nails too.

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